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YOUS CASINO offers the most competitive affiliate programs in the online casino industry. We will do our utmost to establish the competitive advantage of our affiliates and develop them permanently. . Please feel free to contact us as we will respond flexibly in terms of conditions and payment.

How to Affiliate

All you have to do is create an affiliate account, get tracking links, creative marketing materials and promote it on your website.

Account Registration

After opening a new affiliate account, get tracking links and creative materials to post on your website.


Please promote YOUS CASINO in a big way on your website. Limited promotions are also available.


Don't worry, We ensure that you receive your affiliate commissions on a monthly cycle, so you won't have to wait too long.

About Us

YOUS CASINO's affiliate program is one of the most trusted and Excellent partnership model. We are committed to enhancing our online casino business model by making all of our tools comfortable and easy to manage We are committed to making it a reality. The main functions provided by this affiliate program are as follows.

Attractive Marketing Tools

Detailed Reports

Fast Payments

Quick Support

Features of the program

We at YOUS CASINO offer the best affiliate program in the online casino industry.

Up to 50% revenue share

Your commission % of revenue share will be increased according to the number of new billing subscribers per month for the players you refer.


Our affiliate system has been developed by our experienced and professional staff. In addition to the latest technology, we also consider and meet the needs of our affiliates.


Real-time statistics allow you to track and manage the effectiveness of your marketing strategies based on a variety of data.

Lifetime Commissions

YOUS CASINO is confident in its player retention rate, which is an important factor in the semi-permanent commission accrual and growth of online casino rewards.


Monthly reimbursement cycles ensure that there is no waiting around for commission payments.

Affiliate Support

Our experienced affiliate support staff will do their best to build a partnership with each and every affiliate.


Our affiliate program offers you the best commission plan, simple and straightforward. We offer the largest commission structure in the industry, with up to 50% of the monthly new deposit, to meet your needs.

New First Deposit Commission %
0 - 3 25%
4 - 10 30%
11 - 30 35%
31 - 40 40%
41 - 100 45%
101 above 50%

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